NBBC round

Northern British Bike Championship.


April 21st Road trial NBBC Dudwood Farm DE4 2LZ (///pads.family.norms) start 10:30 Plotters Rob Goodwin & Harry Stannistreet to organise

Riders update for 2024
As co-ordinators of the Championship for many years, we are always looking at ways to improve on what has always been an excellent traditional Pre65 Road Trial series. Over the last few years, we have noticed a slight decline in the number of expert riders that have entered our rounds, with quite a few of them dropping down to the clubman class, this has increased the clubman entry and in certain cases made it difficult for the good to average clubman rider to progress in the championship standings. With this in mind, we have decided to introduce a 50/50 route that we hope will encourage the better clubman riders to seek a slightly more challenging day and perhaps some of the expert route riders who are finding some events slightly more taxing, would also benefit from this mix of hard and easy route sections.
As we do with our own Club, Poachers Pre65 Trials, this will involve no extra marking out or extra flags, each club will be free to choose from the 30 or so sections that make up the event which will be 50/50 sections. It means that the club will designate say perhaps 12 to 15 sections that the 50/50 competitor will ride the hard route, the remaining sections in the event will be ridden on the clubman route. To indicate which are the 50/50 sections, Green Flags will be placed next to the section starts board, this will indicate that the rider that he needs to ride the hard route option on this section. 50/50 route riders will also have a small bright green square, about the same size as the clubman orange dot, this will be put on your rider’s number so that the observers know, plain white numbers expert route, white numbers with green square, 50/50 route and white numbers with orange dots clubman route.
We will also be relisting the classes so that you are sure that you are entering the correct class. We propose the following system to run throughout the series.
Class 1: Pre- Unit Rigid Clubman Class 5: Unit & 2-Stroke 50/50
Class 2: Pre-Unit Springer Clubman Class 6: Pre-Unit Springer Expert
Class 3: Clubman Class 7: Unit Expert
Class 4: Pre-Unit Springer 50/50 Class 8: 2-Stroke Expert
The 1st round Poachers Bag will be the first round that will run the new classes, and we hope that we have a good uptake from our new entry format
We are sorry that we didn’t make it to Telford for our presentation, this will be held at our first round at Poachers Bag as advertised on the NBBC Face book page.
We also have a new Trial partner coming on board for 2024. REH Forks will be joining Villiers Services and Drayton Frames as the sponsors for this season, we have attached to this newsletter the artwork for the new Starts and Ends cards that we be at each round.
We thank all the riders for their support and let’s hope for another successful year, its your commitment and the hard work from host clubs that makes it all possible.
We would welcome any feedback on the contents of this newsletter, just email us back at sales@belton-4.co.uk
Kindest regards, Mike, Errol and Mark