We are cooking on gas!!

You will all know the club has been through a difficult patch recently as Sally, who has performed the jobs of membership secretary and treasurer, is retiring due to other commitments. Robin has also retired as the awards secretary. We must thank both of them for the sterling work they have done in the past, working for the club in the background and without the benefit of enjoying the fruits of their labour i.e. riding bikes in our events, we all owe them a great debt of gratitude.

However, we have now re-organised the duties and had 2 volunteers to help with the running of the club. We can now proceed next year with a full programme as before.

We have yet to organise the events for next year but these should be sorted before the awards night on December the 13th when we hope to provide all the usual information, including all the changes. And don’t forget the last trial of the year at Statham’s on the 6th of November.

Thank you all for your patience and support.

Club History

The Club was formed in 1974 to provide competition for pre 65 British bikes which were no longer competitive because of the influx of foreign bikes.  1965 was chosen as 1964 was the last year an all British competition bike was listed in a catalogue

So if we appeal to you, look around this webside where you will find details of our events, yearly calendar, contacts and entry forms etc. or just turn up to the club night or one of our events and introduce yourself to any of our officials and see how friendly we are.

We look forward to meeting you

Mike Worthy


Robin our editor is looking for articles for the next mag so if you have something of interest or funny to share. Or even view to express write it down and send it to him.

We now run 11 trials a year for Pre65 and twinshock bikes in a variety of locations, plus 4 enduros and a hill climb.  Club nights have changed for next year to 4 per year these will be on the second Tuesday of the month at at the Royal Oak Green lane Ockbrook near Derby (DE72 3SE) when we have speakers, games nights  etc.